Join our team!

We are a growing company and looking for more talents to join our professional team in Skopje.

Here are some benefits of working at Gobiva and how it looks like being an employee here. If you feel this is the kind of a company you’d like to work at, check out our open positions and do not hesitate to send us your CV.

How we do things

Great working atmosphere

We consider ourselves to be a company with a positive and constructive working atmosphere, as well as challenging and dynamic. All our team members are talented people and very good at what they are doing and also super cool and friendly.

We start every working day powered by the best coffee in town and we proceed with our daily activities feeling energized and ready to rock.


Every opinion matters

Here in Gobiva, we are open for suggestions and ideas, we encourage everyone to participate in the improvement initiatives, because every opinion matters. Also, this is a place where you can show off your full potential and talent.

Growing further

Furthermore, our employees are offered additional training opportunities in order to update their knowledge and upgrade their skills. Everyone has the possibility for a professional and personal development, all they need to do is: be ambitious, self-motivated and proactive.

Gobiva DOO – We build stuff!

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